Friday, 1 May 2015

Let go..

Against the shining sun
Love notes and photos

Folded legs and letters
written with red inks of desire

Deferring lives and daily dreams

Sticks and stones and
silly little quips

Against the shining sun
While it lasts, laugh. Let go..

Sunday, 29 March 2015

God save the Stream

It does not take much effort to go on with our lives without having to care about what we avoid. One such example which proves the above statement is the terrible condition of the river flowing beside the Tura Bazaar. One will find every type of non-biodegradable waste, piles of garbage, discarded cartons. Thermocol plates lie stubborn, wedged between the rocks are discarded cartons or plastic and polythene is found clogged at the sides. The population of Tura don’t seem to care and nor does the local government. In this age of inconsideration and insensitivity, we are speeding towards achieving the destruction of the very system which sustains us. We are reckless and no matter how educated we are, old habits just won’t die.


I see the end and it is imminent
Identity or the lack of it is the persistent

It wasn't violent or peaceful
but sad, as one of us leaves
never to return
and remain only as
a memory


Thursday, 12 March 2015

B. Ed classes

 क्लास के शुरू  होने के बाद 
क्लास में घुसने से पहले
कुछ देर फ़ोन पे बतियाते हैं हम

क्लास मैं घुसने के बाद
पूरा वक़्त ऊंगते हैं हम

गांय हमारी माता
हमें कुछ नहीं आता

टीचर बनेंगे हम   

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Mera des

यह जो देस है मेरा
स्वदेस है मेरा

लेकिन यहाँ पुकारने पर
कोई नहीं आता

नन्हे बच्चें गुल्लैल छोढ़ गोलियों
से खेल रहे हैं

नन्ही लड़कियां बड़े घरों मे
बर्तन धो रहीं हैं 

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Getting along with dogs

I have been bit, chased and accosted (trust me) by dogs. Dogs are very psychological beings, and since I believe I understand their psyche a weeny bit, here are a few steps towards warding off the dog phobia.

1.      Dosti Ka Haath
Make the first move, call out, whistle or make kissing sounds. Let the dog know you mean no harm. Their response will depend upon their past experience with humans. It also differs from breed to breed. You can’t blame the mongrels much as they have had a tough time on the streets; the neighborhood doesn’t want them around, kids throw stones and play pranks (often quiet brutal), and he isn’t even allowed tidbits from the garbage (the flies are our friends).

2.      Biscuits

Bless the hand that feeds! Now don’t go feeding them Bourbon and Milano- It’s going to kill them! The simplest of biscuits would do- marie, rusks, cream crackers (for diabetics) or the simple horlicks or glucose biscuits. Even though it parches their throat but better thirsty than hungry- water can be found; ‘the gutters are our wells’ (Dog Anthem). And bless you for keeping water bowls- yours will be the ‘Kingdom of Heaven’.

Friday, 26 July 2013

On the death of a Squirrel

He lay there, meek and mumbling..
His heart beat always tumbling.

A nasty gash
slit his tail

drops of milk
on his lips brimmed

surely It came,
in gasps and spurts
he fell
with each drawing motion

I lay him where he was
No more the heart beats tumbling